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At Acevin, we have highly skilled and experienced design engineers to cater to your PCB Layout Design services. We act as clients’ support team to meet critical schedules and design requirements.

Our emphasis on “first time right designs” eliminates the need for multiple iterations in most cases, substantially reducing project cost. Client can use our services either for an end-to-end PCB Layout Design services  or  for working in collaboration with their team.



  • Complex, High Speed, High density PCB Design

  • Multi layer designs up to 16 layer PCB

  • Differential signal routing, matched length routing, bus routing

  • Impedance controlled Designs

  • Up to 4mils/4mils routing

  • Fine pitch BGA (0.5mm)

  • High pin count BGA (1156 pins)

  • Pre and Post Layout Signal integrity Analysis

  • Standards (IPC, MIL etc.) compliant designs


  • Constraints driven designs

  • Layer stack design/recommendation

  • Auto / Manual Routing

  • Schematic entry

  • Parts / Library Creation

  • PCB Fabrication

  • PCB Assembly

  • Support for quick prototyping

  • Re-Engineering

  • Hardware Design support services


Application areas

  • Industrial

  • Defense

  • Medical

  • Telecom

  • Wireless

  • Networking

  • Power Systems

  • Consumer


Sample list of types of PCBs designed

  • Analog, Digital, Mixed-signal boards

  • Video Processing boards

  • RF boards

  • PCIe / CPU / Memory boards (DDR3, DDR4)

  • FPGA boards

  • ASIC Test Board

  • IO / Line cards

  • Backplanes / Motherboards

  • Motor Drive boards

  • SMPS, Power boards

  • Evaluation boards

  • SBCs

PCB Prototypes and Production Builds

  • Based on anticipated production volumes, we can design boards to help lower total cost

  • Acevin experience enables us to better understand the issues related to PCBs and provide effective PCB Layout designs

  • Due to our emphasis on “first time right designs”, boards designed by us do not usually need to go for multiple iterations before getting finalized.

  • We have long-standing relationships with reputed PCB Fabrication & Assembly houses and component vendors. This enables us to support our clients for quick prototyping and manufacturing requirements.

  • Acevin can manage the procurement of parts, assembly, and testing of systems/boards from small prototype runs, to units in the thousands, or larger volumes. We can work with our clients to help find a suitable large-scale contract manufacturer, or transfer the design and files to the CM of its choice.


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