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Developing the right firmware and software is a very critical part of the design cycle for the success of a new product. Our embedded firmware development expertise covers many processor and microcontroller families, chipsets, FPGAs and boards using programming languages, Real Time Operating Systems, tools and packages. Our embedded firmware development services include, feasibility studies, constructing build environments, embedded firmware design and implementation, performance optimization, validation, and debugging.

Acevin's team applies its vast embedded firmware design knowledge to optimize your application. Whether it be for hard real-time performance or making the most of minimal resources, our team has extensive hands-on experience with common embedded platforms including ARM variants and RTOSs such Embedded Linux.  

Our firmware engineers can design firmware architecture of a new product or inherit and adapt existing architectures to the requirements, working at multiple levels, from the interface with hardware and device drivers, to source code modifications, API creation and usage to complete application development.

Acevin Firmware capabilities include:

  • Real time embedded software development

  • Bare metal firmware

  • RTOS based firmware

  • Board Support Package (BSP) development

  • Device Drivers

  • Networking protocols

  • Ethernet, CAN, MODbus

  • Embedded Web Server

  • OS porting / OS migration

  • Protocol stack porting / integration

  • Mobile App development – Android, IOS

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