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Board analysis, before actual fabrication of the PCBs, helps in achieving “first time right” designs, save valuable development time, cost and as well achieve faster time to market.


Acevin team has capabilities and substantial experience in various types of analysis as detailed below.

Signal Integrity (SI) Analysis

  • Provide Pre-Layout and Post-Layout SI analysis

  • Propose topologies, termination techniques, PCB layer stackup/Layer order

  • Reflection, Crosstalk, Eye-Diagram, BER analysis

  • Layout constraints and guidelines

  • SerDes/DDRx/XAUI/PCIe interfaces

  • Handled serial speeds up to 12.5Gbps


Power Integrity (PI) Analysis

  • Validation of IR/DC drop in power rails

  • 3D plot for voltage distribution through power planes

  • Decoupling Analysis (Frequency versus Impedance plot)

  • DC noise analysis (3D plot of plane noise)


Thermal analysis

  • Detection of hot spots (weakness in thermal/mechanical design) and correction with heat transfer mechanism (Conduction, Convection, Radiation)

  • Support on Heat sinks and cooling proposals

  • Component and Board analysis


EMI/EMC analysis

  • Near Field (magnetic) and Far Field (Electric) simulation and analysis

  • Board level and system level emission and analysis

  • EMC emission (RE, CE) and immunity (RI, CI) analysis

  • Validation as per different standards (FCC, CISPR, VCCI, User Specific)

  • Antenna designs and simulations

PCB Test Set-ups

  • Bed of Nails

  • Smoke Tests

  • Custom end-of production line test set-ups

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