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Acevin provides full design and implementation services for FPGA based system development. Acevin can take up an FPGA design from concept through specification to FPGA implementation and documentation. We also provide verification services to meet your needs.


Acevin’s expertise in FPGA Design:

  • RTL Design (HDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog)

  • System verification

  • Time analysis

  • Floor planning

  • Simulation testing

  • Design verifications

  • VHDL and SystemVerilog


Our key areas in FPGA Design

  • Signal Processing

  • High speed memory interface

  • Design optimization

  • Protocol implementation

  • Multiple clock domain designs


IP Cores

  • Our team also has developed IP cores in the following areas:

    • RF control

    • Image processing

    • Signal Processing Applications such as wavelet transforms

    • Nuclear Instrumentation

    • Satellite Communication

    • Defense applications

  • All the IP cores designed are platform independent and are suitable for migrating between different development platforms for different silicon technologies (devices) from various vendors.

  • All the IP cores are scalable based on resource utilization, speed etc.

  • IP cores have been developed for Data Acquisition systems up to 10Gbps.


Our team carries experience with Xilinx, Intel (Altera), ACTEL and Lattice family of FPGA devices. 

We are a Xilinx Alliance Partner Member.

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