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Dedicated Team

In this model, we offer competent and dedicated resources to work as an extension of our clients’ team on a month-to-month basis.

The resources could either be provided for working offshore from our facility or they could be provided for working onsite. In the offshore case, we provide the office, technical and IT infrastructure needed by the team.  In this model, client is invoiced a monthly charge for the resources, which are part of the dedicated team.

The client has a full control over the project and resources, and manages the team and plans the work scope per their requirements.  Dedicated team works seamlessly as an extended team of the client, as per the project methodologies and processes of the client.

Fixed Price

In this model, we execute a project at a fixed price.  

This model is suitable when the project specifications are clearly defined in terms of their requirements and schedules. Any client that opts for this model needs to provide a well-defined Requirements Specifications Document which includes precise scope, project specifics and predefined delivery period. Payments are typically based on delivery of various milestones throughout the project.  This model works best when our team is familiar with your needs and existing product under development. 

In an event where a change in scope is required by the client while the project is in progress, we’d provide a change request proposal based on the new scope which might increase, decrease or have no impact on cost or schedule of the initial fix price proposal.  All change requests are discussed and signed-off by the client so that they are fully aware of any cost and schedule impacts of changes. 

Time & Material

In this model, clients are charged  on the basis of time spent by our resources and pre-approved additional expenses incurred for the project.  This model is suitable for projects where specifications have not yet been clearly defined at the beginning of the project, or are likely to change. Payments are typically invoiced monthly on actual hours worked and materials used.  In cases where rough requirement specifications are available, we’d provide rough order of magnitude (ROM) effort estimates, project timeline, material/resource estimates. This helps our clients in budgeting and deciding on their finance.  Time & Materials projects can optionally be run in an Agile-like process with bi-weekly or monthly requirements setting, and regular update calls to track progress and adjust next phase goals. This is very useful when learnings from one phase of the development will likely affect the direction of the product development cycle.  

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