Board analysis, before actual fabrication of the PCBs, help in achieving “first time right” designs, save valuable development time & cost and achieve faster time to market.
Acevin team has capabilities and substantial experience in various types of analysis as detailed below.

Signal Integrity (SI) Analysis

  • Provide Pre-Layout and Post-Layout SI analysis
  • Propose topologies, termination techniques, PCB layer stackup/Layer order
  • Reflection, Crosstalk, Eye-Diagram, BER analysis
  • Layout constraints and guidelines
  • SerDes/DDRx/XAUI/PCIe interfaces
  • Handled serial speeds up to 12.5Gbps

Power Integrity (PI) Analysis

  • Validation of IR/DC drop in power rails
  • 3D plot for voltage distribution through power planes
  • Decoupling Analysis (Frequency versus Impedance plot)
  • DC noise analysis (3D plot of plane noise)

Thermal analysis

  • Detection of hot spots (weakness in thermal/mechanical design) and correction with heat transfer mechanism (Conduction, Convection, Radiation)
  • Support on Heat sinks and cooling proposals
  • Component and Board analysis

EMI/EMC analysis

  • Near Field (magnetic) and Far Field (Electric) simulation and analysis
  • Board level and system level emission and analysis
  • EMC emission (RE, CE) and immunity (RI, CI) analysis
  • Validation as per different standards (FCC, CISPR, VCCI, User Specific)