Our Mechanical Design services include new product designs, enclosure casing designs and various analysis and optimizations of designs for cost, reliability, and ease of manufacturing.

Our team can work with you to take your ideas to finished product. We can help you meet your schedule by designing single components, complete subassemblies, or your entire product.

We can also take your sketches or existing designs and optimize them for injection molding, machining, forming, and other fabrication methods as needed.

We can undertake small or large projects from a formal specification or simple outline idea, taking them through the full design, detailing, manufacturing and production release phases. Being flexible, we can work either independently or as part of a fully integrated cross-functional team, doing as little or as much work as required.

Our Mechanical Design capabilities and experience include:

  • Modelling
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Rapid prototyping / 3D printing
  • Aesthetically appealing product design
  • Dimensioned 1st or 3rd angle drawings.
  • Modelling & conversion services for customers moving from 2D to 3D & from 3D to 2D.
  • Automated equipment design (concept to proto)
  • Numerical analysis, kinematic & dynamic analysis and design calculation of machine & machine element.
  • Thermal design calculation for industrial heat exchangers & process equipment.
  • FEA analysis of machine elements & assemblies for static, dynamic & fatigue conditions.
  • CFD analysis for fluid flow & thermal for heat exchangers & process equipment.
  • Weldment design & sheet metal fabrication design.
  • Structural analysis of steel structure.
  • Jig & fixture design.
  • Machined part design & cast part design.
  • Design analysis of plastic parts by mould flow analysis
  • Design of single component, sub-assemblies or complete product
  • Optimization of existing designs for injection moulding, machining, forming and other fabrication methods

CAD Tools Experience

  • SolidWorks
  • Pro/E
  • Solid Edge
  • AutoCad
  • Ansys FEA analysis
  • Ansys CFD analysis.