Hardware design is a critical part of any system design. Achieving optimal and right hardware design is important.

Acevin team has extensive expertise and years of experience in low to high complexity and high speed hardware system and board designs. This includes designs for harsh environment industrial and defense applications. Our engineers have vast experience in all aspects of good hardware design including high speed designs, timing analysis, Signal Integrity analysis to achieve “first time right” designs. Our team is well versed with requirements of EMI/EMC, safety, DFM/ DFT and ensure success of the product when it goes in the “real world” environment.

Some design highlights:

  • High Speed hardware designs
  • 2 to 16 layer board designs with impedance control
  • EMI / EMC, ESD compliant designs
  • Considerations for DFM/DFT
  • Designs for harsh environment industrial and defense applications

Our experience in hardware designs is as follows:

  • Architecture / System Designs
  • Bus / Shelf architectures
    • MicroTCA, TelBus, Compact PCI, PCI, PMC, VME, PC104
  • Processors
    • Various families of 8/16/32/64 bit processors, microcontrollers, SOCs
  • Mixed Signal Designs
    • Analog/digital mixed signal circuit designs
  • Framers and Mappers
    • 10/100/1000 Base-T/F Ethernet
    • SONET/SDH Framers and Mappers
    • TDM T1/E1, T3/E3, E4 Framers and Mappers
  • Backplane designs
    • High speed customized backplanes
    • VME bus based backplane designs for industrial and defense systems
  • Board designs
    • Multilayer boards : 2 layers to 16 layers
    • CPU / Microcontroller boards
    • High speed line cards
    • Wireless boards for RF, GSM, GPS
    • Timing / Control / Synchronization / Clock cards
    • Switch / Cross-connect cards
    • Interface boards, IO Panels, Power Supply cards
    • Evaluation / Reference boards
    • Serial Interface : up to 2.5Gbps